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Stardel Knot Free Flare Lash Long - #KFFL

Stardel Knot Free Flare Lash Long - #KFFL

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Stardel Knot Free Flare Lash Long - #KFFL

  • "STARDEL" Flare Lash - Knot Free
  • Easy to apply 100% Human Hair Eyelash
  • Individual Eyelash - 3 row (60 pcs)
  • Individual Flares
    More natural looking than the strips, they tend to be smaller and shorter. A halfway version between the longer strips and the individual lashes, they can be used to add a subtle flare to your lash line or combined for an allover eyelash extension.

    Here is a competing technique that uses ‘‘cluster’’ of ‘‘flare’’ lashes. Confusingly, some salons and spas are offering these under the name ‘‘lash extensions’’. ‘‘Clusters’’ or ‘‘flare’’ lashes can be done in less than half the time of true extensions, and often cost much less. However, these little groups of 4-6 hairs should never be applied with the semi-permanent adhesive used for true lash extensions. To do so often causes severe loss of natural lashes. This happens because these groups of hairs pull at the natural lashes from several different directions at the same time. Cluster lashes can be perfectly safe to use, provided they are attached with adhesives that are worn for one day only, but it is misleading to refer to them as ‘‘extensions’’. If a salon or spa is advertising ‘‘eyelash extensions’’, the lashes applied should be single, individual hairs.

Weight: 0.02 oz
UPC: 846083109045

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